Friday, October 13, 2006

What is the Robber Free Realm?

This article provides a brief introduction to what the Robber Free Realm is and why it exists.....

What is the Robber Free Realm? The Robber Free Realm is the mind of a player who plays the game, Settlers of Catan. The robber reference is a ploy on the actual robber within the game of Settlers of Catan..... Thus, the Robber Free Realm (the player's mind) is an abstract area which the robber in the actual game cannot touch, and the resources (the player's thoughts) in the Robber Free Realm cannot be taken from the player.

Within this blog I will attempt to give insight into formal and psychological strategy when playing the game Settlers of Catan. I will present basics of the game of Settlers of Catan, alongside intricate strategy, attempting to integrate the two as best as possible.



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